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editor_gui Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void back_pop (void)
void back_push (void)
void console_input (MENU_STATE state, int data, int data1)
void console_wait (MENU_STATE state, int data, int data1)
 editor_gui (ITEM_REPOSITORY *p_repo_, DIR_LIST *p_dir_)
bool editor_quit (bool force)
void editor_quit_callback (void)
void editor_reset (void)
void editor_run_level (void)
void editor_shader (void)
void editor_shader (tpos sx, tpos sy, tpos dx, tpos dy)
void event_add (LEVEL_EVENT ev)
bool event_handler (void)
void help (void)
void help_print_line (tpos x_pos, tpos &y_pos, char *p_key, char *p_name)
void help_quit (void)
bool input_get_bool (void)
int input_get_callback_handle (void)
char * input_get_string (void)
void input_start (EDITOR_CONSOLE_CALLBACK callback, int callback_id, INPUT_TYPE type, char *p_text,...)
void input_stop (bool success)
void keyset_set (EVENT_KEY_SET *p_keyset)
int layer_active_get (void)
int layer_active_get (tpos x, tpos y)
void layer_active_set (int layer)
void layer_menu_draw (void)
void layer_status_draw (void)
void layer_status_switch (int layer, LAYER_STATE state)
void level_caption_update (void)
void level_change_backgroud (void)
void level_config (void)
void level_cursor_set (tpos x, tpos y)
void level_draw (void)
void level_edited_clear (void)
bool level_edited_get (void)
void level_edited_set (void)
void level_item_clear (void)
void level_item_clear_rectangle (bool filled)
void level_item_insert (void)
void level_item_insert_rectangle (bool filled)
void level_item_rotate (CHANGE_TYPE type, int rotation)
void level_item_variate (CHANGE_TYPE type, int variant)
void level_load (char *p_file, int force=FALSE)
void level_load_callback (void)
char * level_name_get (void)
void level_name_set (char *p_name)
void level_new (bool force=FALSE)
void level_new_callback (void)
void level_save (int force=TRUE)
void level_save_as (char *p_file=NULL, int force=FALSE)
void level_save_as_callback (void)
void menu_draw (void)
void menu_dummy (MENU_STATE state, int data=0, int data1=0)
void menu_enter (GUI_BASE *p_class, GUI_BASE_FUNC p_func, int param_1, int param_2)
RECT * menu_get_last_rect (RECT *p_rect)
void menu_item_draw (char *p_text, ALIGNMENT spr_align, bool save_back, LEVEL_EVENT click1, LEVEL_EVENT click2=LEVEL_EVENT(EV_NONE), LEVEL_EVENT click3=LEVEL_EVENT(EV_NONE))
void menu_item_draw (tpos x, tpos y, char *p_text, ALIGNMENT spr_align, bool save_back, LEVEL_EVENT click1, LEVEL_EVENT click2=LEVEL_EVENT(EV_NONE), LEVEL_EVENT click3=LEVEL_EVENT(EV_NONE))
void menu_item_set_add (tpos dx, tpos dy)
void menu_item_set_diff (tpos dx, tpos dy)
void menu_item_set_pos (tpos x, tpos y)
void menu_item_start (void)
void menu_leave (void)
void menu_services (LEVEL_EVENT ev)
void mouse_handler (LEVEL_EVENT_QUEUE *p_queue, LEVEL_EVENT ev)
void panel_draw (void)
void panel_item_highlight (int panel, tpos x, tpos y)
void panel_item_select (int panel, tpos x, tpos y)
void panel_scroll (int panel, int direction)
void panel_scroll_mouse (int direction)
void selection_cursor_draw_status (char *p_text,...)
void selection_cursor_update (void)
void selection_draw (void)
void selection_rotate (int direction=1)
void test (void)
void test_gui (void)
bool undo_restore (void)
void undo_store (void)
void window_set_title (char *p_text,...)

Public Attributes

int console_callback_id
INPUT input
bool level_edited
char level_name [MAX_FILENAME]
stack< MENU_FUCTION > menu_back_stack
MENU_FUCTION menu_current
MENU_FUCTION menu_key_input
MENU_FUCTION menu_timer

Private Member Functions

void side_menu_create (void)
void side_menu_draw (void)

Private Attributes

bool draw_level
DIR_LIST * p_dir
EDITOR_SELECTION selected_editor_item

Detailed Description

Definition at line 597 of file editor.h.

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