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sprite_store Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

SURFACE * get_surface_interface (void)
surf_handle get_surface_num (void)
spr_handle sprite_copy (spr_handle dst_handle, spr_handle src_handle, bool copy_surface=false)
void sprite_delete (spr_handle handle, int num=1)
void sprite_flag_clear (tflag flag, spr_handle first, spr_handle num=1)
void sprite_flag_set (tflag flag, spr_handle first, spr_handle num=1)
SPRITE * sprite_get (spr_handle handle)
tpos sprite_get_height (spr_handle handle)
RECT * sprite_get_rect (spr_handle handle)
tpos sprite_get_width (spr_handle handle)
spr_handle sprite_insert (const char *p_file, spr_handle first, spr_handle num=1, spr_handle *p_last=NULL)
spr_handle sprite_insert (SURFACE *p_surf, tflag flag_=0, RECT *p_rect=NULL, spr_handle first=INSERT_APPEND)
spr_handle sprite_insert (SPRITE *p_spr, int num=1, spr_handle first=INSERT_APPEND)
spr_handle sprite_insert (surf_handle sf_handle, tflag flag_=0, RECT *p_rect=NULL, spr_handle first=INSERT_APPEND)
SPRITE * sprite_interface_get (void)
spr_handle sprite_num_get (void)
 sprite_store (surf_handle surf_num, spr_handle spr_num)
surf_handle surface_copy (surf_handle src_handle)
surf_handle surface_copy (SURFACE *p_surf)
SURFACE * surface_get (surf_handle handle)
surf_handle surface_insert (char *p_file)

Private Attributes

SPRITE * p_sprites
SURFACE * p_surfaces
spr_handle sprite_last
spr_handle sprite_num
surf_handle surface_last
surf_handle surface_num

Detailed Description

Definition at line 327 of file 2d_graph.h.

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